Fabricated Still…

Digital media artworks by Antony Catrice, Lisa Cianci (Blackaeonium), Joseph De Chellis, Andrea Draper (I dream in RGB) & Catherine Zeffert.

Melbourne, Australia

We all use different, varied analogue and/or digital media formats in our creative practices. The linkage in our work however, comes from a shared focus on method, crafting, and working with and through the image. A process of taking the still or moving image through a multiplicity of steps and decisions – some deliberate, others more chance and ad hoc, to see what emerges through working the pixels. One might almost describe it as digital hand-made – if such a thing exists.

About the Artists

Antony Catrice is an archivist interested in archives as repositories of memory and truth. He is also interested in the relationship between visual culture and the archive, including the effects of the use and re-use of archival images and the aesthetic determination that established concepts of the archive object.

Lisa Cianci (Blackaeonium) is an artist, archivist, and digital media developer. Her artwork is a study of [an]archival possibilities, entropy in the material, and the unsettling spaces where systems and structures break down. Her current series of video artworks is part codec glitch, part data mosh, part generative, part performed – an experiment with bleeding pixels to evoke emotional responses.

Artist, Andrea Draper (I_dream_in_RGB), explores the process of remixing to query prevailing representation of female identity in popular culture. Andrea plays with found imagery and video, alters it, and changes the flavour to critique mass media constructs.

Artist and photographer Joseph De Chellis, surveys urban landscapes to find the exceptional in the everyday. His distinctive eye, exploration of fantastical colour palettes and adroit digital skills transforms common notions into the remarkable.

Catherine Zeffert’s digital images convey and enhance her initial visual response to a subject, using media currently at hand – her old phone, the presentation software on her computer, or domestic objects.